fly with us! Plane rental made easy

Making your plane rental experience effortless in Ontario.

Located in Waterloo (CYKF) by WWFC. Makes a great location to work on time building, keeping current, or just exploring Ontario.

Schedule a check ride, with no fuel surcharges!

how it works

1. preflight

Send in your documents to us.

  1. PPL
  2. log book (last page)
  3. Medical (current)

2. run-up

Complete a brief open book knowledge test about airspace at CYKF and the intended aircraft(s) you wish to fly.

After completing, contact us to set-up your check ride.

3. takeoff

Just enjoy your flight.

Enjoy your flight time!

plane rental and aircraft sharing simplified

24/7 Availability

You will have access to our plane whenever you want. Night flights? Over night? No problem. If you booked it, the plane is yours!

own a plane without the hassle

Block time for aircraft rentals is the perfect way to time build, work on your CPL or get those cross country hours. When you hours are finished, you can get more, or just walk away without the issues associated with owning a plane.

explore ontario and beyond

Grab the keys and go explore. Book as much as you want, no overnight fees. Discover unique destinations with ease-in-mind, thanks to our Airside Assitance, a service ready to hear any questions on the go.

Members are required to acknowledge, follow the Rental Agreement
Membership requires a purchase of a minimum 10 hours on type.
Overnight flights are allowed, and even encouraged. They just need to be approved first.
Purchased flight hours are not refundable.