About Us

The Rockcliffe Flying Club has been operating in the National Capital region since 1954. The Club is a Transport Canada approved Flight Training Unit providing Recreational and Private pilot training. We also provide Instrument Flight Rules training.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club encourages its members to develop their piloting skills through training, seminars, aviation activities, and of course "hangar flying" and other social activities.

RFC is pleased to offer flight training and recurrency training on our full-motion Redbird flight simulator. We offer packages of emergency procedures training, IFR recurrency training and use the simulator extensively as part of our ab-initio PPL and RPP training, for economy and for the value of introducing students to flying in a simulator.

We have our own fleet of Cessna aircraft which you can rent for training or we can train you on your own aircraft. Our fleet is also available for rental once you have your pilot permit or licence.

Complete Address

Ottawa-Rockcliffe Airport 1495 Rockcliffe Parkway Ottawa K1K 4Y5 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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