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Come fly with us! Ontario Fun Flyers can train you to become a recreational or private pilot, as well as ratings for night, instrument, and multi-engine flying. Not sure if flying is for you? Try our "be a pilot" flight, or just go for a sightseeing trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Kingston area has to offer.

We use two-seat Cessna 150s and 152s as our primary trainer, or if you prefer we can train you using a Cessna 172, or simply ask us for a 172 check out once your training is complete. The Cessna 172 is also available for rentals, and is ideal for cross country flying, or just taking your friends and family flying with you. The Cessna 172 is also IFR certified, and used for our instrument training. We use a Piper Aztec as our multi-engine trainer.

Complete Address

Norman Rogers Airport 1060 Len Birchall Way Kingston K7M 9A1 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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