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"A pilot´s business is with the wind, and with the stars, with night, with sand, with the sea. He strives to outwit the forces of nature."  --Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939.

At Mohawk Flight Centre, our senior Instructor has outwitted the forces of nature for over 40 years and takes great pride in teaching young pilots the skills needed to succeed--whether your goal is soaring high with the airlines or joining the salt of the earth and flying charters for resource industries, fish and wildlife enthusiasts or forest protection. Your first step is a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, and at Mohawk Flight Centre you will be challenged with the wind, the weather and the distraction of hundreds of crystal clear lakes in some of the most spectacular scenery in Ontario.

Come start your journey here. MFC plans to offer advanced courses in the near future and accommodations on site for those with the passion to succeed.

Complete Address

Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport 97 Airport Road Seguin P2A 2W8 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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