About Us

The Kingston Flying Club (established 1929) has been providing excellence in aviation training for over 85 years! We are accredited by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as a registered Private Career College. The Kingston Flying Club is also accredited to accept foreign students.

We provide training for Airline Transport License, Commercial Pilot License, Private Pilot License and Recreational Pilot License.

The Kingston Flying Club professional staff can add to your license:

  • Instructor Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Rules Rating (Group 1 IFR rating)
  • Single Engine Instrument Flight Rules Rating (Group 3 IFR rating)
  • Visual Flight Rules-Over the Top Rating (VFR-OTT)
  • Night rating

We are located by the beautiful 1000 Islands at the Kingston airport. The airport has a tower manned by FSS specialist and the zonehas a Mandatory Frequency giving the student excellent training in radio communications. For the Pilot wishing Instrument training the Kingston airportaffords the student with a varietyof approaches includingILS, LOC BC,RNAV and NDB.

Complete Address

Kingston Airport 1040 Len Birchall Way Kingston K7M9A1 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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