About Us

People learn to fly for many reasons. The challenge, the adventure, the freedom - as well as some very practical reasons, such as to enjoy one of the best careers in the world. We see many types of students - from the high school graduate looking for a start in a career as a pilot, to the working person who decides to fulfil a lifelong dream.

The Huron Flight Centre offers training in:

  • Recreational
  • Private
  • Commercial

As well as the following ratings:

  • Night
  • Instrument
  • Float
  • VFR over the top
  • Multi Engine

Huron is ideally located at the Sarnia Chris Hadfield International Airport. This location is ideal for pilot training. The airspace immediately surrounding the airport is not congested which allows for intensive pilot training with minimum time wasted waiting for departure etc.

Complete Address

Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport 1500 Airport Road, Hanger 1 Sarnia N7W 1B6 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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