About Us

Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA) provides recreational and private pilot flight training at the John C. Munroe - Hamilton International Airport.

GHA´s team of experienced instructors train students on a fleet of late model Cessna 172 and Diamond DA20airplanes equipped with modern avionics including integrated GPS and autopilot. Instrument training is augmented with a state of the art, full motion REDBIRD FMX-1000 flight simulator.

GHA also offers aerial sightseeing tours to the public in the golden horseshoe area.

GHA´s modern ´executive class´ training center provides small intimate Ground School sessions that use PPNT presentations to lead discussion among the 10 or less students in the group. GHA uses an online reservation system which can be accessed through your PC, Tablet or SmartPhone to provide quick convenient access to scheduling and tracking your training.

Flight instructor briefings leverage learning techniques to include both PC based instruction and interaction through the White Board instruction.

GHA focuses on providing busy professionals in the golden horseshoe area with access to safe, effective, technology enabled flight training.

Complete Address

Hamilton International Airport 520 - 9300 Airport Road Mt. Hope L0R 1W0 Canada


Ontario, Canada

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