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Flight training can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The Edmonton Flying Club offers programs in all areas of flight training - from the Recreational Pilot Permit right through to the Instructor Rating.

Here in Edmonton at the Edmonton Flight College you will have the opportunity to fly in all FOUR seasons mother nature provides. This will make you into a more rounded and confidant pilot than one who has ONLY experienced good sunshine weather.

Canadian Pilots licenses are recognized by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) member countries, and are well regarded for the high standards required to obtain them. Conversion of Canadian licenses to those of other ICAO countries is usually very straightforward.

Students who love to fly but still want a solid business education should consider this joint program between Grant MacEwan College and the Edmonton Flying Club. The combination of flight training and Management Studies courses is excellent for those who want to work in aviation management or related businesses.

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Parkland Airport / Edmonton Executive Airport #5, 52111 Range Road 270 Spruce Grove T7X 3L7 Canada


Alberta, Canada

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