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As the world of aviation continues to expand the need for more pilots is becoming an important issue in every country. To meet the demands of training it is necessary in many cases to seek training for your pilot licences abroad. Canada is an excellent place to take your training, the training available in Canada is rated as one of the best available in the World, Canadian Licences meet the ICAO standard of licensing and within Canada these licences are controlled and issued by Transport Canada.

At Cooking Lake we offer Transport Canada licences, permit and ratings to our candidates that will allow the candidate to fly and work in ICAO licensed states. Training at Cooking Lake will be a very rewarding experience for persons wishing to make a career in aviation because of our local training facilities available to all of our students.

The Cooking Lake area is located in Class G Airspace (Un-Controlled Airspace) allowing for our students to start their training immediately after takeoff. Our practice area is a mere 10 minutes away where we can climb up to as high as 9500 feet in uncontrolled airspace and conduct our upper level practice manoeuvres as required. Once the candidate has progressed passed the upper level air work requirements (stalls, spins, spiral dives, etc.) and is ready to start practicing in controlled airspace the Edmonton (Class C) Airspace is a mere one minute flight time from Cooking Lake. Once in the controlled environment you can explore three different controlled airports including the Edmonton International Airport (used for advanced student practice of ILS, Localizer, GPS and NDP approaches), Edmonton Municipal Airport (used for advanced practice including ILS, LOC/BC/DME, GPS, NDB approaches and for general controlled airspace practice including circuits), Villeneuve Airport (used for initial controlled airspace circuit practice).

Nearby we have airports with NDB approaches, GPS approaches and for IFR cross country operations we are within one and a half hour flight to a VOR approach facility. Cooking Lake Airport is a considered a short length field for large aircraft, the experiences gained by all of our students including proficiency with cross wind landings, short field operations, winter and summer operations on short fields will give any student training at our airport the experience needed to handle challenges in their native country.

Cooking Lake has the most modern fleet of aircraft in Western Canada; all Cooking Lake aircraft are a vintage of the year 2000 or newer. We offer the most advanced glass cockpit aircraft for flight training and maintain our aircraft to Transport Canada Commercial Standards. Our fleet: Cessna 172SP (1), Cessna 172SP G1000 (3), Piper PA28R-201 Arrow III (1), Piper PA44-180 Seminole (2), full IFR Garmin 430/530 coupled S-TEC autopilot, VOR, ILS All aircraft and instructor bookings are completed online using MyFBO. In other words your bookings/cancellations, etc. can be completed anywhere in the world.

The Cooking Lake Airport is approximately 1 hr flight time to the Rocky Mountains where we can conduct the most amazing part of any flight program, a mountain check. The Rockies are incredible to see from the ground, but once airborne the sights are breathtaking. Please visit our website to find out more, review our fleet information and photos.

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Cooking Lake Airport 69, 51401 Range Road 221 Sherwood Park T8E 1H1 Canada


Alberta, Canada

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