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CFI Academy is a flight instructor training institute which specializes in the training for the initial issue flight instructor certificate applicants (CFI), and flight instructor instrument airplane (CFII) and multi-engine instructor ratings (MEI). At CFI Academy, flight instructor certificates and rating training is all that we do. We believe that by keeping ourselves focused and involved in the CFI courses exclusively, we do a much better job with preparing our applicants for the FAA practical test (checkride), and have our entire infrastructure optimized for best results.

CFI Course offering Course offered at CFI Academy are as follows:

Bringing in a good quality, well maintained and completely airworthy airplane for your checkride is a part of the checkride for a flight instructor applicant.Our aircraft are strictly used for CFI training courses. This means they are never used for primary training of student pilots or private pilots. Most flights in our aircraft are either dual instruction or with an examiner on board for checkrides.

We utilize a Piper Arrow and a Cessna 152 or a Cessna 172 for the CFI initial in ASE category, a Piper Warrior or a Cessna 172 for the CFII course, and a Beechcraft Duchess for the multi engine instructor (MEI) course.

All aircraft are well maintained, properly equipped and well taken care of. We do not rent our airplanes to any other pilots.

We also use a state of the art full motion simulator to assist our students with developing proper teaching habits and practice their instrument flying and teaching skills. This simulator is capable of simulating all of our training airplanes. Students can use this simulator with their instructor or solo, as needed.

If you are a military veteran or currently serving in the military, we offer discounted aircraft, simulator and instruction rates for you.


California, United States

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