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Air Hart Aviation is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive Flight Training schools in Canada. We offer seaplane ratings, 50 hour float course, PPL and CPL licenses and experience flying in the mountains . With extremely well priced flight training packages and more VFR days than any other location across the nation according to Nav Canada, you can look forward to becoming licensed in record time. As the only certified flying school offering floatplane training, any programs for commercial license or add on for commercial purposes are not taxed and you claim tuition for tax purposes. With over a hundred lakes to train on in Okanagan, Air-Hart Aviation gives you the real world experience you should look for when choosing to train on floats.

We have chosen the Cessna 172 Hawk XP and Cessna 180 for float training. Both aircraft have constant speed propellers and are powered by a Continental IO-360 KB and O-470-B engines respectively. Training on these types of aircraft will prepare the student for immediate transition to the Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 floatplanes utilized by many commercial operators.

Unlike other floatplane training operators we are a certified flying school with HRDC which means we can issue an official tuition tax receipt, called a TL11B.These costs savings generally translate into about 30% cash back when you do your taxes. That is considerable cost savings! CRA has cracked down on students trying to claim aviation training and you need a TL11B!

If you are looking to convert your international license with the intention of working as a floatplane pilot in Canada, Air-Hart Aviation is the right choice for you. Air-Hart Aviation is the only certified flying school in Canada that offers Foreign License Conversion on floats. This allows you to "kill two birds with one stone". We´ll help you convert your foreign license while building valuable floatplane hours. Depending on your foreign license, the requirements vary. When converting from a foreign license that requires a flight test, the focus on flight training will be getting you to flight test standards. How many hours that takes varies for each student, however we do recommend investing in 50 hours on floats if your goal is to work as a floatplane pilot.

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Kelowna, British Columbia Canada


British Columbia, Canada

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