About Us

Aeolus Flight Academy aspires to provide an unparalleled flight training experience. We operate Cessna 172’s , Cessna 152’s and Cessna 150’s out of CYXU in London, Ontario.

We provide customized training programs that suit your schedules. We also provide different types of Ground Schools (One-time, Lifetime membership and 1-on-1) so clients can choose which one fits them the best.

We´re located at London International Airport(CYXU). As the 12 largest airport in Canada, CYXU has one of the best infrastructure and a moderate traffic flow, which makes it a perfect place for flight training.

For more information, please go to www.aeolusflightacademy, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or give us a call (519)455-2345(Dispatch)

Complete Address

London International Airport 2134 Crumline Sideroad London N5V3Z9 Canada


Ontario Canada

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