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Looking for the best flight school? The best flight school near me? Perhaps the best rated in Province or State you have been itching to move to. We will help with previous student pilot honest reviews.

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Check out ratings for all the top Rotary Schools to start your career off as a helicopter pilot. With a higher per hour cost than fixed wing. Most students want to make sure they are choosing the right school, and beginning their career off right.

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Seaplane Schools

Looking to start your seaplane training? Enjoy all the freedom a float plane can provide? Maybe the right seaplane school to start off a career flying floats.

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YES! It is always free for students. Everything is free for you to use. Just set up a profile, so you can access the full website. We just want you to have the most efficient learning experience possible.

Unfortunately at this time we simply offer ratings for North American flight schools in both the USA and Canada. We will look to add more as we grow!

Unfortunately we are not sure at this time. As the aviation industry continues to recover from Covid-19, we will look to launch the jobs board.

Of course! We welcome any input. We are all just trying to learn here. We would love to hear your thoughts, or what we can do to make the site better.

Generally I would search the site for a flight school with a great rating near you. The site can be broken down and filtered in your geographical area of your choice.

Next, call or better yet go and check out the flight school of your choice. Many flight schools offer a FAM flight for FREE! This flight is intended just to get you up and used to the feel of a small trainer plane like a Cessna 152.

Flight school costs can be quite high, so it is worth it to give a try first. Check for flight schools near me.

This can really vary! It really depends on a lot of variables. The weather, your commitment level, and finances.

Generally it can take 2-3 months with a full time commitment of 5-6 days a week.

  • To get a CPL you need a minimum of 200 hours flight time, with 20 of those hours being X-Country in Canada.
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Class 1 medical
  • All previous flight time contributes to the CPL
  • Time building is often required. Many people look to rent block time planes than are often cheaper than flight schools to help with the costs.

Yes! Of course. We are not leaving rotary pilots out.